I was born on top of the Andean mountains, in the city of Bogota. In this city I also grew up and studied Fine Arts at Universidad de los Andes, which is where my artist soul flourished and I fell in love with theater, among other art forms. My passion for history and the arts brought me to Europe and in Germany I found a home.

Seduced by the possibilities of new media and a fascination for the cameras and audiovisual media, I did a masters degree in Media Production. After a journey of some years getting to know the culture I was living in, I moved to Berlin and started my path in the world of cinema. The first years I got to know the insides of this fascinating field from behind the camera, in between wardrobe rails, laughing with warm hearted colleagues and watching hundreds of talented actors in action. Then I heard again tha calling of my artistic soul and went back to the stage, my time behind the scenes was over. As I studied acting at the Michael Tschechow Studio Berlin, I discovered my "inner fire" and fell for the dramatic arts once more... this time for ever.

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